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Mohr Publicity Predicts Rave Reviews for Justin Bieber’s New Social Media Site. 

Hollywood, CA — A new teen-oriented social networking site called “Shots Of Me” was launched into the cyber stratosphere by the team that brought teens the popular social mobile games by the RockLive brand. Its lead investor? One of the world’s most famous teenagers, Justin Bieber, will back the project.

“Justin Bieber has tweeted about his love of RockLive games and this is his time to get involved with the business side of a product and brand he believes in,” said Sandra Mohr, President of Mohr Publicity. In turn, the star “Liked” Mohr Publicity’s Instagram site.

Justin has no shortage of “Beliebers” in his role as venture capitalist. Long established public relations companies like Mohr Publicity , known for helping jump start social media sites virtually overnight, expect the star’s networking platform to take off immediately. “Justin Bieber’s project may be a game-changer for social media,” said founder Sandra Mohr. “All of the biggest names in networking will be watching, learning, and most likely emulating the new site built for next generation users.”

Fortune magazine reported that Bieber recently led a $1.1 million seed round for the company, whose other investors include boxer Floyd Mayweather and angel investor Tom McInerney.

Founders of RockLive say that Justin Bieber has been very involved in their products, helping them test software and providing constructive feedback. When the star was told that they we were looking to create a social network for teens that offers what they aren’t getting on other networks, and which tries to deal with teen issues like cyber-bullying, the pop star jumped at the chance to contribute.

Most of the details about Shots Of Me, which will be released into the Apple store later this week, have been kept under wraps. But, millions of teens everywhere-including his swarm of twitter followers, are sure to respond in a powerful way.

Bieber already has an explosive teenage social media following. He has more than 46 million Twitter followers and is the second most popular member of the micro-blogging website after fellow singer Katy Perry. His first Instagram picture reportedly crashed the site’s servers.


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