Add Facebook Likes or Followers to My Page Safely

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This an excellent way to make your site look as good as it should. We don’t need username and password. We only need the url/link to the Facebook page you would like to promote. Then tell us whether you’d like “Page Likes” or “Page Followers” when we contact you. Guaranteed Delivery.

Born To Be Viral is one of the few companies able to deliver Likes and/or Followers to Singers, Musicians and Band pages. Facebook has much higher standards for adding Likes and Followers to these pages and most social media marketing companies cannot complete this task. We can add Likes and Fans to all types of Facebook pages.

NOTE: Services will usually start within a day or two and delivery times depend on the number ordered. Please give additional time for larger orders. We will promote your site to attract Facebook members and they may, or may not become long term fans who follow your site for years.