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What are Hashtags?

Hashtags are a way to make a word or topic more popular on Twitter or Instagram. People search for a hashtag and then they see what other people have been tweeting or posting about that topic.

On social media posts, if you put “#” in front of a word or phrase, it becomes a hashtag. It connects to other tweets or posts about the same topic. If people find the topic interesting, they can click on the hashtag and see all of the messages people are writing about it.

How To Choose a Good Hashtag

Choose a word that will help people understand the message you are trying to get across. Put yourself in their shoes. Is it clear what your brand is talking about from the hashtag?

Keep in mind, hashtags are not case-sensitive, but adding capital letters does make them easier to read: #MakeAWish vs. #makeawish.

Add the hashtag to your product packaging or order confirmation page. If you use a third-party app that controls your Twitter, create a column that watches the hashtag. This way you will know what people are saying about your products or services.

What it Means When a #Hashtag Trends

Trends are the most popular things people talk about on Twitter or Instagram. These can include topics like politics, entertainment, and other current events. And even everyday things like what you had for breakfast! One example is the hashtag #election that got 43,400 tweets at its peak during a recent US presidential election. When a hashtag is that popular, it is said to be “trending.”

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