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Mohr Productions Earns Best of Studio City Award for PR!

The Studio City Award Program’s purpose to support and offer public recognition of the contributions of businesses and organizations in and around Studio City. This year, Mohr Productions/Born To Be Viral was voted best public relations company in Studio City, which is Hollywood’s hot spot for movie, music and film production.

Every year, the local award program is given to those who have demonstrated their ability not only business growth but also community involvement. The businesses chosen this time demonstrate what can happen when small-business owners put customers first while leading through friendly service–a shining example of how great things are done!

This is a great honor and we’re so proud that we were recognized by the industry. Our staff’s hard work has helped us grow, and it’s also something special for all of our vendors, who continue to inspire us with their dedication every single day.

Thank you for this award!

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Instagram May Be Changing Soon

Instagram is testing a new option which would enable users to re-arrange the order of posts on their profile. The feature allows you move images and videos up or down in your feed, giving members more choice in branding their pages.

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Instagram might also be getting ready to introduce a “pinned post” option for profiles, which would enable users select certain posts they want displayed at the top of their grid. So, start your promotions today as Instagram is poised to become more popular than ever!

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Former Facebook Executive Works To Implement More Social Media Transparency

It’s no secret that social media is a powerful tool for marketing. What isn’t always so clear, however, is just how those campaigns are performing – and whether they’re achieving the desired results. That’s why some people are pushing for social networks to open up their “black boxes,” so marketers can see what’s really going on behind the scenes. According to a former Facebook executive, this would not only be beneficial for businesses, but also for users who deserve to know how their data is being used.

Brandon Silverman was one of the most recent employees to leave Facebook, but unlike others he planned on taking time off and spending quality family moments with his children before making any new career decisions.

Instead, he has spent time since his exit working with a bipartisan group of U.S senators on legislation that would require Facebook and other social media platforms to provide transparency in their operations.

The lack of progress in a narrowly divided Congress thus far is not surprising, considering how many proposals for social media reform there are. But citizens like Brandon could make a difference!

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